Our new default.

"The wife and I are not huge coffee aficionados, however these coffees are noticably rich and full of flavor. It's now our go-to cup every morning."

Carefully sourced

We made it our mission to develop a relationship with our select coffee brokers who serve as the bridge to the coffee farmers we wish to support. Our coffee family is helping other coffee families around the world to continue to sustain our valuable coffee community.

More things to know

The 2710 Blog

Not sure how to begin your coffee journey? See how ours began by reading some of the stories of the people who we source our beans from.

Introducing Encore

The tried & true Baratza Encore grinder has been on the market since 2012, and due to its consistency in grind & reliability, it makes for an excellent home grinder for drip, pour over, or french press.

Our Parent Company

Chris' Coffee Service began in 1975 and sells an extensive variety of espresso machines, grinders, organic and fair trade coffees, as well as a large inventory of parts & supplies.