Gatare is a washing station in the Western area of Rwanda which lies close to the Nyungwe Forest. Most farms are located in areas that surround the Kivu Lake and the region is generally known as the Kivu belt in Nyungwe edge. This area has ideal soil for growing coffee and the Gatare Washing Station is one of the oldest and largest in Rawanda.

The Gatare Station was the first station to produce the natural and honey process relative to the washing of the beans. The Natural drying process uses no water and the beans are dried in the fruit. The Honey process uses a little water with the skin removed but the mucilage / pulp remains. Both of these processes tend to result in a more fruity coffee taste. The flavor profile of this coffee tends to be chocolatey with some citrus and cupping notes which include citrus, cocoa, and apricot. 

Coffee is not native to Rwanda but brought there by German missionaries in the early 1900's. Coffee has grown to be the key source of household income and export earnings in Rwanda and plays a major role in the economy of this country. The high altitude and nitrogen rich volcanic soils create a high-quality coffee bean and we enjoy supporting the families in this growing region by offering this delicious coffee.

Region: Nyamasheke district

Altitude: 1542m-1857 meters above sea level

Annual Rainfall: 1200mm-1300mm

Coffee process: Natural

Water source: Natural spring